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2nd International QCA Expert Workshop

Dr. Johannes Meuer, together with Alrik Thiem and Michael Baumgartner (University of Geneva) receives SNSF grant to organize the 2nd International QCA Expert Workshop. The workshop will take place in Zurich from November 5-7 2014 and will bring together junoir and senior QCA experts, from political sciences, sociology, and management research to provide an opportunity for presenting research, exchanging ideas and establishing contacts.

During the last year, the developments around QCA have rapidly accelerated. In its core research fields of political sciences, sociology, and management, an increasing number of researchers are publishing work using QCA in high-impact journals, and are organizing conference workshops for newcomers to receive training in QCA. QCA-based studies are now also being published in the life sciences (e.g., down syndrome, alcohol addiction, lice infestation) or the education sciences and childcare (e.g., school choice, teenage pregnancy). At the same time, researchers are experimenting with new ways of applying QCA to different types of data (e.g., large-N datasets, panel data) or combining QCA with econometric methods (e.g. generalized linear models, network analysis). These recent developments demand further methodological attention. By providing a unique forum for cross-disciplinary exchange, the 2nd International QCA Expert Workshop encourage the dissemination of new ideas, facilitate the promotion of innovative work and create opportunities for scientific collaboration.

Date: 5-7 November 2014

Place: University of Zurich

Organizers: Dr. Johannes Meuer (University of Zurich), Prof. Dr. Michael Baumgartner and Dr. Alrik Thiem (University of Geneva)