Chair of Marketing Prof. Dr. Martin Natter

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Martin Natter and his team are part of the University of Zurich's group of marketing associated professorships:

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer(Marketing and Market Research)
Prof. em. Dr. Hans Peter Wehrli (Marketing)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr (Marketing in the Digital Economy)
Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer (Quantitative Marketing)

The aim of the Chair of Marketing is to offer an attractive and high quality marketing course program from the Assessment phase to the PhD-level to support student education and knowledge exchange. The intention of our teaching program is to contribute to the education of responsible students, who have the knowledge to critically analyze Marketing decisions. It is, therefore, necessary for students to understand the relationship between marketing investments and their financial and behavioral consequences.

To reach this goal and to prepare students for tomorrow’s business and research challenges, the teaching program addresses both, theoretical and methodological concepts.

Decision oriented empirical research serves as a means to develop such knowledge. The research aim is to conduct innovative, theoretically and practically impactful research with a clear focus on a top-tier journal publication strategy.

The general research orientation of the new Marketing Chair is empirical, quantitative and decision oriented. Our core research interest is to improve our understanding and to advance our models of consumer and managerial decision processes.

The research focus of our Marketing Chair is on pricing, retailing, digital transformation and targeting & positioning. In the area of pricing, our research interest lies in new pricing mechanisms such as pay-what-you-want or price-comparison site pricing. The general objective is to study innovative pricing and promotion mechanisms and to investigate the robustness and border conditions of findings that lab experiments or survey research yield. Preferred research approaches are field experiments for testing new and existing marketing theories and the development and/or test of decision support tools implementing marketing methods especially in the field of procedural decision-making.

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