Porträt Malin Pimper

Malin Pimper

Research Assistant

Department of Business Administration
Plattenstrasse 14
CH-8032 Zürich

Room number: PLM G 217
Phone: +41 44 634 29 75
E-Mail: malin.pimper@business.uzh.ch

Short Bio

Malin Pimper studied economics with a focus on microeconomics and behavioral economics at the University of Konstanz (B.Sc.) and the University of Bamberg (M.Sc.). Beside her studies, Malin worked as a student research assistant and gained practical experience at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg.

Malin’s strong interest in human decision making led her to the University of Zurich, where she joined the team of the Department of Business Administration as a doctoral student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Martin Natter and Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr in December 2020.

Her research focuses on socially relevant topics at the intersection of marketing, consumer behavior, and psychology.