Prof. Dr. Puneet Manchanda

Photograph of guest lecturer Professor Doctor Puneet Manchanda

Professor Puneet Manchanda is the Isadore and Leon Winkelman Professor and Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. His most recent research work has focused on consumer and firm behavior in digital markets. He is a thought leader, currently holding the Senior Editor position at Marketing Science, and is a frequent speaker at various academic and industry events.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Finding the Sweet Spot: Ad Scheduling on Streaming Media (joint work with Prashant Rajaram and Eric Schwartz)", HS19 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research, 03 Dec 2019

Prof. Dr. Bruce Hardie

Picture of Guest Lecturer Professor Bruce Hardie

Bruce Hardie is Professor of Marketing at London Business School. His primary research interest lies in the development of data-based models to support marketing analysts and decision makers, with a particular interest in models that are easy to implement. Most of his current projects focus on the development of probability models for customer-base analysis. Bruce’s research has appeared in various marketing, operations research and statistics journals.

UZH teaching assignment:

  • FS19 PhD Seminar on Probability Models and Customer Lifetime Value Analysis,
    23 - 24 May 2019

Associate Prof. Dr. Vincent Mak

Photo of Guest Lecturer Dr. Vincent Mak

Vincent Mak is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Marketing & Decision Sciences at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – from where he obtained his PhD – prior to joining the Judge. Vincent's research lies in how consumers and firms make strategic decisions as they interact with each other, and what economic and psychological factors influence those decisions. His research interests cover pricing, prosocial behavior, search behavior, decisions in networks and queues, and decisions in competitive environments. His work has appeared in major academic journals in business research, economics, and psychology, including PNAS, Management Science, Psychological Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Games and Economic Behavior, and Production and Operations Management.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "The Effect of Commitment Timing on Reciprocity", FS19 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research, 26 March 2019

Prof. Dr. Martin Spann

Photo of Guest Lecturer Professor Martin Spann

Martin Spann is Professor of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. His research interests include e‑commerce, mobile marketing, pricing, customer management, and social networks. He has published articles in Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and other journals.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Paying for a Chance to Save Money: Two-Part Tariffs in Name-Your-Own-Price Markets", FS19 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research,
    26 February 2019

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Simone Wies

Photo of Guest Lecturer Junior Professor Simone Wies

Simone Wies is an Assistant Professor (SAFE Junior Professor for Marketing and Finance) at Goethe University Frankfurt. Prior to joining Goethe University, she held a Post-Doctoral research position in Marketing at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. She received her M.Sc and Ph.D. in Finance from Maastricht University. Simone Wies' research centers on the interaction of capital markets and managerial decision-making. In her work, she investigates how the stock market values marketing and innovation activities and how these valuations, in turn, influence the strategic choices marketing managers make. Her work has been published in several leading journals such as Marketing Science or Journal of Marketing Research. 

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Beating the Going-Public Effect on Firm Innovation: An Innovation Strategy Framework", FS18 Business Economics Research Seminar, 22 May 2018

Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner

Photo of Guest Lecturer Professor Voelckner

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Franziska Völckner is Professor of Marketing at the School of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne. Her research interests center on building and managing market-based assets, with a focus on the general question of how companies can build and maintain strong brands. Her work has been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, MISQ, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Service Research.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Brand Positioning Based on Brand Image - Country Image Fit",
    HS17 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research, 12 December 2017

Prof. Dr. Harald van Heerde

Foto des Gastdozierenden Prof. Dr. Harald van Heerde

Harald van Heerde (PhD University of Groningen, the Netherlands) is S.H.A.R.P. Research Professor of Marketing at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He is specialized in the econometric measurement of marketing effectiveness across a wide domain of substantive areas including online and offline advertising, sales promotion, price and price wars, loyalty programs, assortments, online word of mouth, business cycles, product-harm crises and the role of the media. He has published in the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM), the Journal of Service Research and other major marketing journals. Van Heerde serves as an Associate Editor at Marketing Science and at the Journal of Marketing Research and as an editorial board member at the Journal of Marketing and IJRM. He is the recipient of the Long-Term Impact Award (Marketing Science), the William O'Dell Long-term Award (JMR), the Paul Green Award (JMR) and twice the IJRM best paper award, and his papers were best paper award finalist on 18 more occasions.

UZH teaching assignment & guest lecture:

  • FS17 PhD Seminar on Dynamic Linear Models, 28 - 30 June 2017
  • "Delusion in Attribution: Caveats in Using Attribution for Multimedia Allocation",
    FS17 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research, 27 June 2017

Prof. Dr. Valentyna Melnyk

Foto der Gastdozierenden Frau Professor Dr. Valentyna Melnyk

Valentyna Melnyk is Professor in Marketing and Consumer Research at the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. She received her PhD from Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and previously served as an Assistant Professor at the VU University Amsterdam. Her current research interests include consumer behavior, cross-cultural marketing, emotions, branding, and advertising. Her work has been published in several leading journals including Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Marketing Research, European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters and Journal of Business Research. She was nominated for the Donald R. Lehmann Award; and was the winner of the Emerald Literati Award for Excellence (in the Outstanding Paper category) in 2016.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Fantastic Beasts and When to Present Them: The Effect of Fantasy Labels on Product Evaluation and Purchase Intentions", FS17 PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research, 27 June 2017

Prof. Dr. Thomas Reutterer

Foto des Gastdozierenden Prof. Dr. Thomas Reutterer

Thomas Reutterer is Professor of Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). He is Head of WU's Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism and served as founding Academic Director of WU's Master's Program (MSc) in Marketing.

His primary research, teaching and business consulting interests are focused in the area of retail and service marketing, customer value and relationship management, and marketing models for customer-base analysis and decision support. Research projects he is currently working on include the study of cross-category purchase effects, dynamics in evolving customer-firm relationships, models for customer valuation, targeted promotions, and the study of the effects of decision heuristics on managerial decision making. Thomas' research has appeared in various marketing and operations research journals.

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Leveraging Purchase Timing Regularity for Predicting Customer Behavior",
    FS17 Business Economics Research Seminar, 30 May 2017

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mild

Foto des Gastdozierenden Prof. Dr. Andreas Mild

Andreas Mild is associated Professor at WU Vienna, Austria.

He holds a doctoral and an habilitation degree in Social Science and Economics.

His research interests include quantitative models in marketing and new product development.


UZH guest lectures:

  • "Recommender Systems & Association Rules", FS17 Retail Marketing Lecture,
    9 February 2017
  • "Association Rules", FS16 Retail Marketing Lecture, 21 April 2016

Prof. Dr. Jan Landwehr

Foto von Gastreferenten Prof. Dr. Jan Landwehr

Jan R. Landwehr is Professor of Marketing and holds the Chair for Product Management and Marketing Communications at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He received a diploma degree in psychology from the University of Wurzburg, Germany, and a doctoral degree in marketing from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

His research focuses on consumer psychology/behavior, empirical aesthetics, product design, symbolic communication, and the genesis of emotional preferences. It has been published in journals such as Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Information Systems Research, Personality and Social Psychology Review, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, Marketing Letters, and in a number of proceedings (e.g., ACR, AMA, EMAC, ICIS).

UZH guest lecture:

  • "Marketing Meets Product Design: Empirical Evidence on the Need for Coordinated Action", HS16 Business Economics Research Seminar, 11 October 2016