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Department of Business Administration Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership

Mary M. Hausfeld

Mary M. Hausfeld, Dr.

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher in Organizational Behavior
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Mary Hausfeld

Mary is an incoming Post-Doctoral Researcher in Organizational Behavior at the University of Zurich. She’s an enthusiastic and curious researcher, interested in answering questions and solving problems for the workers of today and tomorrow. Topics that especially interest her include issues of inequality at work and disparities in evaluations of men and women’s leadership behaviors. With a background in Classics and Archaeology, Mary sees the research process as a series of small but critical choices that impact how we see and interpret data, much like an archaeological excavation. With this in mind, she advocates for transparency and ethics in the research process, championing efforts to establish equity among research teams and improve conversations about academic authorship. 

Mary completed her PhD in the interdisciplinary Organizational Science Doctoral Program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her dissertation focused on differential evaluations of men and women’s use of charismatic leadership, uncovering the extent to which follower archetypes of leaders impact the efficacy of charismatic leadership for women.  

She enjoys teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, having designed her own classes in psychology, management, and sociology while teaching at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, including the seminar Gender and the Organization. At the University of Zurich, Mary teaches a leadership research seminar for graduate students.