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Department of Business Administration Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership

Center for Leadership in the Future of Work

A call for action

We live in challenging times. A raging health and economic crisis, social unrest and political tension, shifting values and groundbreaking technologies shape the way we live, work and interact. They show how deeply human and vulnerable we are. We don't see this as a flaw. Rather, we believe organizations thrive when they adopt a people-centered approach and embrace leadership that puts the human being at the center.
Leaders committed to a human-centered approach need rigorous data, analysis and reliable evidence on what really works. They need allies, i.e. talent that understands how to promote emotional intelligence across the organization by setting up appropriate structures and processes. And they need a network of like-minded individuals, people to learn from, draw on and work with.

Discover opportunities, share solutions, build the future

The Center of Leadership in the Future of Work at the University of Zurich focuses on the human side of the future of work. It promotes joint studies between business and academia, offers lifelong learning programs on people-centered leadership and supports start-ups in taking ideas from lab to market. It forms the nucleus of a "global HR valley", an ecosystem of current and future leaders who understand the value of people in and for business.

The multi-stakeholder ecosystem

  • The Center for Leadership in the Future of Work brings cutting edge research on leadership and HR innovation and state-of-the-art learning opportunities for executives.
  • Corporate partners bring real-world insights and challenges to the research agenda, research and experiments.
  • Broader stakeholders including civil society, government, start-ups and academia bring complementary expertise, new ideas and additional research capacity.

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Jochen Menges

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