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Department of Business Administration Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership

Anand van Zelderen

Anand van Zelderen, Dr.

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate
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Anand van Zelderen

Anand is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Organizational Behavior and Virtual Reality at the University of Zurich’s Center for Leadership in the Future of Work. Anand established and manages the Center’s 'Future of Work Metaverse VR Laboratory' where innovative studies are developed to understand how employees think, feel, and behave in immersive virtual environments. Of particular interest to him is the Metaverse which has the potential to completely change the way employees go about their daily working lives. Through a better understanding of people in virtual space, he aims to discover the ingredients necessary to design virtual work spaces that foster employee inclusion, well-being, and productivity.

Anand's research focuses on using virtual reality technology to study organizational leadership, employee emotions, and technology adoption. He furthermore has a keen interest in seeing virtual reality technology being used to its fullest potential in scientific research, and is currently working on a long-term project to develop an open metaverse which organizational researchers around the world can operate to conduct innovative studies of their own.

Anand received his PhD from the KU Leuven, where his research focused on talent management practices and how employees, both talents and non-talents, react to it. His research findings have garnered ample interest from the business world, which led him to be invited as a key speaker at various conferences for HR managers in Belgium.