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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Chair of Marketing for Social Impact

Application Presentation Design HS09

Application period: 31/08/2009 - 11/09/2009.

To enrol in this seminar please send us:

  • your name,
  • your matriculation number
  • your email address,
  • your full cv,
  • your UZH grades,
  • a motivation letter (be creative) stating why you want to attend this seminar,
  • your 5 most important strengths that you can bring to our course
  • and prepare 2 of the given 5 following tasks:

Warm up - Before your brain can glow and create marvelous presentations, you need to step back and think about real world phenomena. This is not the copytest of an ad agency for copywriters or art directors. What we are looking for are presentations that transfer useful information effectively. Fulfill 2 of the given 5 tasks:

  1. The Apple Go to and create a presentation about the cultivation of apples in Switzerland with the given information for B2B-clients. (approx. 5 slides)
  2. Newspaper Tamedia ( is a publishing house with an enormous number of Swiss publications. Sum up the given data of the homepage to present one of the company's newspapers to a new key account client. (approx. 5 slides)
  3. Heart of Europe The City of Bellikon is located in the Heart of Europe. Nevertheless, a good marketing presentation for potential investors is always a great support. Visit the city's homepage and sum up its key advantages. (approx. 5 slides)
  4. Gold hamster The Zurich Gold hamster Breeders Association suffers an enormous lack of members. Therefore, you should present the association at a Teenagers’ Summer Camp. (approx. 5 slides)
  5. Street Paper The street Paper "Surprise" ( is looking for new donors. Help them by creating a presentation that quickly and effectively informs of the aim of this project. (approx. 5 slides)

Please forward all documents to the following address:, subject: presentation design application.

You will receive our notification on 14/09/2009 regarding your application. If and only if you receive our positive confirmation, then you will be asked to officially book this seminar using the "Buchungstool".

Late applicants can only be considered if

  1. there are places available, and
  2. the seminar has not started yet.

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you presenting soon.

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