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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Chair for Marketing and Market Research



Our research philosophy is our reflection of why, how and when we develop, disseminate, enhance, and preserve the knowledge of topics that are of interest to society, to the academic community, to practitioners, and to our students.

Please have a look at the URPP on Social Networks Website for an overview of our research projects.


A research objective is the desired or necessary result required by a specific time, necessary to demonstrate academic achievement. It therefore corresponds to our mission to progress from the actual towards our desired state. Our objectives are based on the mission statement of the University of Zurich and the department of economics. Our 10 research objectives are:

  • For our research performance to earn the highest possible international recognition. To attain this by continuing to emphasize an interdisciplinary approach. To facilitate hands-on actual, practical research problems. To challenge common knowledge. To develop, disseminate, enhance, and preserve knowledge. To document our research endeavours in written documents and in oral presentations at the top international outlets. To aspire to formulate implications from our research that best serve the needs of society and marketing companies. To create the best possible research conditions. To achieve our goals by acquiring outstanding and internationally recognized scientists. To encourage young talents to join us.


A research principle is an operational task applied in order to meet our research objectives. Our 10 research principles are: To be on the alert for current research problems and questions in marketing, market research, statistics, consumer behaviour, and consumer psychology that are demanding, and unsolved. To work on research topics that are of interest to the marketing industry as well as the scientific community. To integrate existing knowledge into other scientific disciplines. To create joint projects with industry and scientific partners with the aim of building a network of excellence. To be selective in choosing the partners in collaboration with whom we can achieve high quality results. To validate our research on leading international academic standards and publish our results in top international journals, or present them at leading international conferences. To empirically work with qualitative and quantitative data (mainly large datasets and laboratory as well as field experiments) in order to analyze our hypotheses. To be meticulous about the quality of our data, the fit and state-of-the-art of the methodology, the power of implications and contributions of our results. To emphasize working to the highest international ethical standards. To develop implication for society and marketing industry from our research.

Industry Cooperation

We try to integrate businesses into an academic setting, where we derive marketing solutions in the classroom. This aims at giving students an understanding of how to solve industry problems and providing a set of solutions to companies.
More details about our Industry collaborators and some success stories can be found here.


“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

Richard Feynman

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