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Department of Business Administration Professorship for Mobility & Digital Innovation Management

Svetlana Tikhonenko

Svetlana Tikhonenko

  • Assistant
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Professional Background
After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communication, I worked a couple of years as a specialist of Public Relations Department in telecommunications industry. I was mainly responsible for communicating with the mass media, organizing press conferences and corporate events, budgeting, and preparing presentations and company’s performance reports. During this work, I have developed my interest in new mobile and Internet technologies and innovations in telecommunications. In particular, I’m interested how telecommunication products and services can improve people’s everyday life.    
After several years of working in industry, I switched to an academic career path and obtained the Master degree in Survey Methodology and Public Opinion issued by three Swiss Universities (Universities of Neuchâtel, Lausanne and Lucerne). 


Research interests
I’m specialized in survey design, sampling techniques, data collection methods, statistical tools of data analysis, and data visualization. I’m also interested  in big data and machine learning analytics. 


I was born and have lived most of my life in Murmansk, the largest city of Extreme North located above the Arctic circle. There, the year is divided into Polar night, when there is no sunlight during two winter months, and the Polar day, or midnight sun, when the sun never disappears behind the horizon and shines 24 hours per day during summer. Despite the cold weather and harsh climate, I admire the Northern nature: snowy tundra covered in blue lakes and rivers, cold grey sea surrounded by rocks and cliffs, and especially Northern Lights dancing up in the sky in winter time.

After moving to Switzerland, I developed a new passion for mountains, glaciers and Alpine ‘joie de vivre’. During summer, I like hiking in the Swiss Alps, exploring new trails and admiring natural wonders; in winter I enjoy doing cross country skiing and ice skating with friends.