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Department of Business Administration Professorship for Mobility & Digital Innovation Management

Mobility and Digital Innovation Management

Feburary 23, 2024

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In fast jedem Auto steckt Schweiz

STREETLIFE recently interviewed Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze. In the interview, Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze discussed the underestimated Swiss automotive industry, noting its innovation, quality, and shift towards e-mobility. She emphasized the industry's adaptability, the role of smaller suppliers, and the challenges in moving from combustion engines to electric vehicles.

Read the complete interview here.

January 16, 2024

Schulze AGVS 2024

Stabilität und Agilität als starke Treiber

At the 18th AGVS conference "Tag der Schweizer Garagen", Prof. Dr. Schulze highlighted examples showcasing the innovative strength of the Swiss automotive supply industry. She emphasized that the industry's achievement lies in its consistent ability to maintain stability, demonstrate agility, and adeptly recognize evolving trends. This resilience is now crucial as the sector transitions to alternative drives.

Read more about the speechhere.

January 11, 2024


Das ist bisher eher eine Evolution als eine Revolution

In a recent interview with VerkehrsMonitor, Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze shared insights about the trends and challenges of the Swiss automotive supply industry and the emergence of electromobility.

Read more about it here  here.

Tag der Schweizer Garagen 2024

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze is invited to be a featured speaker at the upcoming 18th AGVS "Tag der Schweizer Garagen", themed "Innovation trifft Garage". This 2024 AGVS conference brings together the leading minds and innovators in the Swiss automotive industry, to address the question of how the industry can successfully move into the future. 

The conference will be held on January 16, 2024 in Kursaal Bern. Discover more about this exciting event here.

innovation meets garage

May 26, 2023

Innovathon Fall ’23: The Digitalization of Mobility

How do you envision the future of mobility?

Participate in the UZH Innovathon to give significance to your ideas! This interdisciplinary program organized by Digital Society Initiative Mobility community and UZH Innovation Hub is designed for Master and Doctoral students and revolves around industry partner challenges.

What is an Innovathon?

If you are interested in what is an Innovathon, please check this video and the winning proposal from Innovathon Fall '22. 

How to apply?

You can apply for this course via the UZH course catalogue from August 16th to 29th, 2023. For more information, please check here.



April 27, 2023

New Article Citing Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze

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Kanton Zürich News published a new article about the second innovation event in Innovation Park in Zürich.  

In the article, Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze highlights the value of this event as an important opportunity for her.

Read more about it here Zürich fördert Innovation über Branchen hinweg

March 22, 2023

New Article Citing Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze

uzh news

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze comments in an article by UZH news about developing ideas in interdisciplinary teams that are also in demand outside of the university.

In the article, she emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinarity in developing successful business solutions and preparing students for the complex challenges of a digitized society.  

Read more about it hereIdeen entwickeln, testen und präsentieren