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Department of Business Administration Professorship for Mobility & Digital Innovation Management

swiss Center for Automotive Research

Current Study

Publication of study results | March 25, 2024

On March 25, 2024, we presented the results of our current study on the automotive industry in Switzerland at the University of Zurich. We would like to thank all participating companies and our partners, Business Monitor and the Swissmem Automotive Group for their support!

The study examines current developments in the industry, including the switch to electric mobility, the application of machine learning, and measures in the area of sustainability. It includes the following companies: 

  • Manufacturers of passenger cars, buses, trucks, but also specialty vehicles (such as agricultural and forestry vehicles, fire trucks, race cars, etc.), and motorcycles.
  • Suppliers to the above-mentioned companies, including parts manufacturers, material manufacturers (e.g., plastics or paints), capital goods manufacturers (e.g., production equipment or parts thereof, machinery), and service providers (e.g., development services).

Car dealerships, insurance companies, financial services, and automotive repair shops are not the subject of this study.

If you are interested in the results of this study, please contact us at

swiss CAR

The swiss Center for Automotive Research (swiss CAR), founded in 2005, creates an environment that enables the conduct of relevant and empirical research in an industry that is innovative in its products, processes, and technologies, core to Europe’s economy, and broad enough to study from various perspectives and over a longer period of time. Establishing competence in the industry’s specifics and maintaining long-term relationships with companies in this industry has allowed for the identification and framing of research problems highly relevant to the industry as well as exceptional access to empirical data. A research team of doctoral students, guest researchers, interns, and partly temporary personnel constitutes the center which is concerned with Technology- and Innovation Management-related studies. In 2023, the data will be collected for the fourth time. The center is known to national and international companies and to industry and governmental associations. Also, it is part of the Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovations (PVMI).


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