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Department of Business Administration Professorship for Mobility & Digital Innovation Management

swiss Center for Automotive Research

Current Study

Currently, we are conducting our periodic study on the vehicle and automotive (supplier) industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The study examines the current developments in the industry, including the transition to electromobility, the application of machine learning, and measures in the field of sustainability. It includes the following companies: 

  • Manufacturers of passenger cars, buses, trucks, but also specialty vehicles (such as agricultural and forestry vehicles, fire trucks, race cars, etc.), and motorcycles.
  • Suppliers to the aforementioned companies, including parts manufacturers, material manufacturers (e.g., lubricants and construction materials), capital goods manufacturers (e.g., production facilities or parts thereof, machinery), and service providers (e.g., development services, research and development).

Car dealerships, insurance companies, financial services, and automotive repair shops are not within the scope of this study.

Publication of the study results:

  • Date: Monday, March 25, 2024
  • Time: 14:00 - 17:15
  • Location: University of Zurich, Rämistrasse, 8001 Zurich

The program and registration information will be available here shortly.



swiss CAR

The swiss Center for Automotive Research (swiss CAR), founded in 2005, creates an environment that enables the conduct of relevant and empirical research in an industry that is innovative in its products, processes, and technologies, core to Europe’s economy, and broad enough to study from various perspectives and over a longer period of time. Establishing competence in the industry’s specifics and maintaining long-term relationships with companies in this industry has allowed for the identification and framing of research problems highly relevant to the industry as well as exceptional access to empirical data. A research team of doctoral students, guest researchers, interns, and partly temporary personnel constitutes the center which is concerned with Technology- and Innovation Management-related studies. In 2023, the data will be collected for the fourth time. The center is known to national and international companies and to industry and governmental associations. Also, it is part of the Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovations (PVMI).


Media Coverage

March 21, 2022

This week, 20 Minuten published an article about rising car prices due to shortage of raw materials. Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze was cited as an expert for the automotive market and Director of the Swiss Center for Automotive Research.

The key takeaways from the article were the following:

  • Raw materials such as nickel, lithium, palladium and neon are in short supply because of the Ukraine war.
  • This has consequences for car buyers: They now have to wait longer for their new cars.
  • Car prices are also likely to rise further due to the shortage of raw materials.
  • Car manufacturers could now switch to alternative materials

Read more about it here

January 27, 2022

Webinar – From Product to Platform: Transformation in the Global Automotive Industry
from product to platform

On January 27th, 2022,  Anja Schulze was a selected speaker at the Webinar by the Georgia State University. With a panel of global experts from both industry and academia, this webinar explored the types of product possibilities that are emerging in the automotive industry, the nature of the companies that will compete in this emerging space, and the implications for associated industries and supply chains.

Considered questions include:

  1. Will regions of the world adopt similar technologies? That is, will there be standardization of protocols and service products across geographic markets?
  2. What are the implications for emerging markets versus developed markets?
  3. What types of products can we expect to see in the near term and farther into the future?

The Webinar can be rewatched here.

April 10, 2021


Article in the St. Galler Tagblatt “China beflügelt deutsche Autobauer” (PDF, 335 KB)(“China inspires German carmakers”) cited the recent edition of the Swiss Center for Automotive Research study series on the Swiss automotive industry directed by Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze.

March 5, 2021


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze comments in the SRF broadcast "2020 war kein gutes Jahr für die Automobilbranche" ("2020 was not a good year for the automotive industry") on the state of the automotive industry after the 2020 pandemic.

February 15, 2021


Article (PDF, 627 KB) in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung “Wieso scheitert Apple beim Autobau immer wieder?” (“Why does Apple keep failing to build cars?”) about the possible Apple's entry into the auto market with comments of Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze.

February 4, 2021Blick

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze has been included in the list of strong women driving the automotive industry, as compiled by the Swiss news portal Blick Online: “Die stärksten Frauen der Autowelt: Waghalsig, innovativ und auch knallhart” (PDF, 1022 KB) (“The strongest women in the automotive world: daring, innovative and tough”)

DSI Mobility Lecture Series


The next Digital Society Initiative (DSI) Lecture Series will be organized by the DSI - Challenge Area Mobility and scheduled in spring semester 2021. The topics will cover the research of DSI Mobility group whereas each area (mobile individuals, mobile societies and mobile systems) will be represented. Presentations will be delivered by DSI Mobility group members but also invited speakers. More information about the Lecture Series, including the program, can be found here.

September, 2020


An interview with Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze about the implications of the Corona virus crisis on the Swiss automotive sector “Zu früh für Schlussfolgerungen” (“Too early to draw conclusions”) was published in the magazine Autoinside.  

September 8, 2020


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze commented on the consequences of the Corona virus crisis for Swiss automotive sector in an article of Blick online: “Das grosse Corona-Zittern” (“The great corona tremor”). 

July 16, 2020


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze commented on the impact of synthetic fuel and alternative drive systems for climate protection in 20 Minuten Online: “8 Rappen mehr fürs Benzin sollen das Klima retten“ (“8 cents more for petrol should save the climate”). The article can be accessed here

May 13, 2020


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze commented on the state of Swiss automotive sector in an article of Automobilrevue: “Optimistisch auf der Stotterbremse” (“Optimistic about the cadence braking”). 

March 17, 2020


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze was asked to comment about the implications of the Corona virus crisis on the Swiss automotive supplier industry in the Handelszeitung Online: “Coronavirus: Infektionsgefahr für Autozulieferer” (PDF, 5 MB) (“Coronavirus: Infection risk for automotive suppliers”)

March 13, 2020


An interview with Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze about the implications of the Corona virus crisis on the Swiss automotive industry “Hustet Deutschland, hustet die Schweiz” (PDF, 1 MB) was published by the Swiss news portal 

March 6, 2020

The Swiss journal Schweizer Illustrierte interviewed Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze on e-mobility trends in the Swiss automotive industry and on the Corona virus crisis “Derzeit fahren alle auf Sicht” (PDF, 1 MB).

Februar 5, 2020

A TV Clip with comments of Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze about technological changes in the automotive industry and their effect on the Swiss market came out in the TOP FOKUS series. The clip can be seen here (Dienstag edition).

December 23, 2019


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze commented on the impact of electric motors for Swiss automotive supplier industry in an article of Watson news portal: “China stoppt E-Auto-Förderung früher als geplant – und diktiert Europa so das Tempo” (“China stops promoting e-cars earlier than planned - and thus dictates the pace to Europe”).

December 15, 2019


Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze was asked to comment on the recent trends and structural changes in the Swiss automotive industry in SRF "Wenn Deutschland die Grippe hat, hustet die Schweiz" ("When Germany has the flu, Switzerland coughs"). The article can be accessed here.

June 5, 2019


Upcoming Information Event by s-ge

Switzerland Global Enterprise in cooperation with the Swiss Business Hub Mexico will hold an information event about the current development in the Mexican automotive industry. The event is an excellent opportunity for Swiss companies to get an expert update of the market, hear company testimonials and get contacts from experienced market entrants.
For more information about the event and to register

January 17, 2019

SRF 10vor10

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze comments in the SRF newscast “10 vor 10” about technological changes and the impact of those on Swiss firms of the automotive industry.

Dezember 5, 2015

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze comments in the SRF Tagesschau on the trend to more ecofriendly cars.

November 4, 2015

Prof. Dr. Anja Schulze comments in the SRF newscast "10vor10" on the ongoing VW emissions scandal.

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