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Department of Business Administration Professorship for Mobility & Digital Innovation Management

Articles in Refereed Journals

Cerpentier, M., Schulze, A., Vanacker, T., & Zahra, S. A. (2024). Employment protection laws and the commercialization of new products: a cross-country study. Research policy. DOI

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Lennerts, S., Schulze, A., & Tomczak, T. (2020). The asymmetric effects of exploitation and exploration on radical and incremental innovation performance: An uneven affair. European Management Journal38(1), 121-134. DOI 

Tuna, S., Brusoni, S., & Schulze, A. (2019). Architectural knowledge generation: evidence from a field study. Industrial and Corporate Change28(5), 977-1009. DOI

Downloadable Articles

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