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Department of Business Administration Chair of Organization and Management

Benjamin Grossmann-Hensel

Research Associate/PhD Student



Office: Room J-423
Phone: +41/44/634 37 51
Fax: +41/44/634 37 49


2022-2023 Visiting Scholar, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
since 2019 Research Associate/PhD Student, Prof. David Seidl, PhD
Chair of Organization and Management, University of Zurich
2017-2018 Visiting Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley
2016-2019 Graduate Studies in Philosophy and Sociology, LMU Munich
2012-2017 Student/Academic Research Assistant at the Chair of
Business Ethics and Global Governance, TU Munich
2014-2015 Exchange Student, King's College London
2012-2013 Exchange Student, Kyoto University
2010-2016 Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy, Economics,
and Japanese Studies, LMU Munich


Grossmann-Hensel, B. & Seidl, D. (2021). Problematizing the Relation Between Management Research and Practice. In: Neesham, C. (ed.) Handbook of Philosophy of Management. Springer, Cham: 1-21. Link

Seidl, D., Grossmann-Hensel, B. & Jarzabkowski, P. (2021). Strategy as Practice and Routine Dynamics. In: Feldman, M., Pentland, B., D’Adderio, L., Dittrich, K., Rerup, C. & Seidl. D. (ed.) Cambridge Handbook of Routine Dynamics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 481-500. Link

Rachlitz, K., Grossmann-Hensel, B. & Friedl, R. (2021). The Demoralization of Society and the Proliferation of Organization. Kybernetes, 51 (5): 1849-1867. Link

Grossmann-Hensel, B. (2020). Strategy as Practice and Routine Dynamics. Academy of Management Proceedings, Vol. 2020 (1). Link