Bachelor and Master Theses

We are commited to provide a high quality supervision for all candidates. For that reason please note that each of us can only supervise a limited number of students per semester.


If you are interested in writing your final thesis at our chair, please consider the following:

  1. Timing: You can apply for a thesis at any time. The deadlines for application are April 30th (to start in autumn) or October 31st (to start in spring). You will be notified if you are accepted one week after the deadline has passed.
  2. Prerequisites: You have passed an exam or taken a seminar at the Chair of Organization and Management; in addition, you have participated at the information event on the bachelor’s and master’s thesis (every semester)
  3. Topic: Please see the list of topics that are available here; choose your topic carefully (i.e., formulate preliminary ideas on why you are interested in a particular topic and what you already know about it). In special cases you can come up with your own topics.
  4. Application: Send your application (CV, grades, topic and motivation) to kalliopi.vagias<at> Please consider the application deadlines (see timing).
  5. Contact with supervisor: Once you have been accepted, you will discuss and concretize your topic area with your supervisor. During the following weeks candidates must hand in a 3 to 4 page exposé of an exemplary topic which includes
    • Title
    • A research question / problem statement
    • A summary of what you intend to do in this research
    • Literature review
  6. Official registration: All relevant information about the official registration process can be found here:
    Bachelor/Master: Link
  7. Receiving your topic from the Dean’s office: After receiving your topic letter from the Dean’s office you must immediately show this letter, including your “Promotionstermin” (date of conferral), to your supervisor at the chair. Please note that if you fail to deliver these documents to the chair, we cannot guarantee a timely supervision of your final thesis.
  8. Correction of final exams: The correction process of bachelor’s and master’s theses consists of three steps. First, an assistant who was not involved in the supervision writes a preliminary report. Secondly, the assistant who supervised the thesis approves or amends the report. Finally, Professor David Seidl will approve both the report and the grade. Please take into consideration that this correction process takes up to 8 weeks.
  9. Feedback: All candidates will be invited to discuss their grade and personal thesis experiences.