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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Chair for Marketing and Market Research

Dr. Susanna Flühmann

Chair of Marketing and Market Research

Tel.: +41 44 634 2918

"Je mehr ich weiss, desto mehr erkenne ich, dass ich nichts weiss."

Albert Einstein

Susanna is the team-assistant and -coordinator. For the past ten years she has worked as a media-specialist for the Swiss Arts Council. In her doctoral thesis she was in search of the rockbottom of creation in modernist scandinavian novels. As mother of two small children she is constantly moving between the worlds of daily life, science and the arts. She asks you questions to find answers.

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Dr. Susanna Flühmann

University of Zurich
Department of Business Administration
Chair for Marketing and Market Research
Plattenstrasse 14
8032 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 634 2918

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