We frequently offer new topics for bachelor and master theses. Our resources are however limited, as we endeavor to offer really top-notch supervision of your thesis. For this reason, it will be necessary for you to apply for a topic and/or put yourself on our waiting list. You can send your application (with CV and transcript of records!) to

All relevant information about time, procedure and submission can be found on the faculty's webpage.

Broadly, the topics focus on:

- Social Influence
- Social Networks
- Sustainablity Marketing
- Human Values
A comprehensive list with thesis topics will be sent to you after contacting us.

Requirements for Bachelor and and Master Theses

  • We recommend the participation in our classes (mostly important are "Marketing Analytics", "R - a non-technical introduction with applications to Marketing" and Python - a non-technical introduction with applications to Marketing"
  • A solid knowledge of statistics and quantitative methods.
  • The capability to work with a standard statistical software packages, such as R or Python.
  • Interest in applied work with real data.
  • Curiosity, motivation, inquisitiveness, tenacity and discipline.
  • Thesis is written in English, exceptionally in German.

What we offer:

  • A strong emphasis on research.
  • A real challenge.
  • Practical work mostly with real data.
  • An advisor.
  • Article-style theses.
  • Thorough inspection for plagiarism or other forms of fraud behavior.

If you are interested to write a thesis at our chair, please apply with

  • A letter of motivation
  • Your detailed CV
  • Transcript of records
  • Read our ‘Hands-On Scientific Writing’ guide again and check that everything conforms with our guide.
  • Be careful with your deadlines.
  • Submit bounded paper in duplicate.
  • Add a CD with the following material:
    1. your text as .doc,
    2. your data as .xls or .csv
    3. all your pictures as .tiff, RAW, or .jpeg with copyright statements,
    4. all articles you used in your thesis as .pdf following our naming standard
    5. a Citavi file containing all references of your thesis
    6. an abstract in German and English of your thesis
    7. a .ppt file (max. 10 slides) with problem, theory, methodology, results and implications of your thesis.
    8. a declaration that your abstracts and .ppt files may be published (naming you as author) on our webspace.

If you are interested to write your thesis at our chair, please attach the documents above to an Email and contact us for the current list of available topics.