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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Chair for Marketing and Market Research

Introduction to R for Marketing Analytics

(Fall semester, Seminar)

Note: This seminar is fully booked for HS23.

The module is designed to equip students with the fundamental programming skills needed to collect, clean, and organize data. We use a non-technical approach to deliver the content. We start every unit with "real-world" questions and explain key programming concepts "on the way" while discussing the solutions to these questions. We do not require any experience with R as we start from the very beginning. However, we do require the willingness to actively participate and contribute to the class.
This module is part of a pilot project for a series of hybrid courses addressing fundamental concepts in data science. We would like to invite students who participate to provide us detailed feedback. This will help us understand how the concept is received and what are important areas for improvement.
Learning outcome:
Understanding fundamental programming concepts that are essential for most real-world marketing analytics applications. These include loading external data (from csv files); manipulating data (merging, aggregating, and selecting observations), simplifying complex and repetitive tasks (writing loops and conditional statements) and automating code (writing functions).

Syllabus: [forthcoming]

Dr. Radu Tanase
Cesarina Criscione
Mingmin Feng



Target audience:
Master level students with no previous experience with coding in R. Assigned to “Wahlpflichtbereich BWL 4”.




Course material:
All learning resources will be provided as part of the course.

The following components comprise the final grade:
  1. Graded coding exercises (32%): online
  2. Programming competition on 06.12.2023 (16%): on-site, computer-based, BYOD format, bring a charger.
  3. Programming project (20%): online
  4. Final multiple-choice exam on 17.01.2024 (32%): on-site, computer- based, BYOD format, bring a charger.

All assessments (either on site or online) are computer-based. Please make sure you have all necessary equipment. The exam for the module takes place as a bring your own device (BYOD) computer exam on-site. To take the exam, you must bring your own laptop (Windows or MacOS). The exam cannot be taken on tablets!

Dates and Location:
  • 18.10.2023, 16:15-18:00h: Kick-Off (mandatory, on-site, room AND 3.02/06)
  • 19.10.2023 – 05.12.2023: Learn the fundamentals of programming with R for marketing analytics (online, asynchronous)
  • 01.11.2023, 16:15 – 18:00h: Q&A (optional, on site, room AND 3.02/06)
  • 22.11.2023, 16:15 – 18:00h: Q&A (optional, on site, room AND 3.02/06)
  • 06.12.2023, 16:15-20:00h: Programming competition (mandatory, on-site, room AND 3.02/06)
  • 07.12.2023 – 22.12.2023: Individual programming project (online)

Location: Online and on-site

Further information:

The number of participants is limited to 50. To apply, please send an email to with the subject "Application R Intro HS 2023". It is enough if the email contains just a brief sentence expressing your intention to participate. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The application deadline is Friday, September 22nd, 2023 at 23:59 CEST. The application results will be communicated on Monday, September 25th.

This information supports the official information in the electronic university calendar (VVZ – Vorlesungsverzeichnis). In case of doubt, the official information at the VVZ is valid.

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