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Department of Business Administration Sustainable Operations Management

Nail Tahirov

Nail Tahirov, Dr.

  • Academic Associate

Dr. Nail Tahirov is a research fellow at the Chair of Sustainable Operations Management, having obtained his PhD from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Production and Supply Chain Management. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and has been involved in several consultancy projects and corporate education initiatives. His research focuses on topics such as sustainable operations management, omni-channel supply chains, as well as scheduling and inventory control problems.



Omni-channel distribution network design for an encroaching manufacturer
Tahirov, N., Akhundov, N., Emde, S. & Glock C.H. (2022). submitted manuscript

Optimal scheduling of waitstaff with different experience levels at a restaurant chain
Akhundov, N., Tahirov, N. & Glock, C.H. (2022). INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics (INTERFACE).

Manufacturer encroachment and channel conflicts: A systematic review of the literature
Tahirov, N.
 & Glock, C.H. (2022). European Journal of Operational Research


Routing automated lane-guided transport vehicles in a warehouse handling returns
Emde, S., Tahirov, N., Gendreau, M., Glock, C.H. (2020). European Journal of Operational Research


Four-level closed loop supply chain with remanufacturing
Jaber, M., Hasanov, P. & Tahirov, N. (2018). Applied Mathematical Modelling


Optimization of closed-loop supply chain of multi-items with returned subassemblies
Tahirov, N., Hasanov, P. & Jaber, M. (2016).International Journal of Production Economics