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Apply for thesis

How to find a topic and apply for a thesis

Thank you for your interest in writing your thesis with our chair!
Due to limited capacities and the very high demand from students, we are unfortunately not able to supervise all theses. Please use the form below to apply for a thesis supervisor. The main criteria for a successful application are the quality of the application and the correspondence of your project with the research field and the expertise of the chair.

Research Proposal

The following questions refer to your proposal. The information and explanations you provide us with are not binding and can still be adapted until the final work is completed. Nevertheless, please take your time to answer them. Please try to answer all questions as precisely and carefully as possible. The proposal will help you to structurally think about the topic in detail. This also gives us a chance to provide better advice and supervision. As soon as you begin with the actual work, the proposal should serve as a first framework and guidance for the final thesis. 

You should be able to answer the following questions for a successful application:

1. Please provide a provisional working title.
2. Would you like to write a qualitative or quantitative paper?
3. Please briefly explain your motivation or the background for your project. Try to formulate one or more concrete research questions. (Max. 500 words)
4. Where do you see the scientific or managerial relevance of the research idea? Which stakeholders could be interested in the results of the thesis? (Max. 500 words)
5. Please briefly describe your planned procedure. Please also mention possible research methods and possible sources for data. (Max. 500 words)
6. Provide (briefly) the relevant (scientific) literature for your project? Have similar research questions been explored in the past? If so, in which areas? (Max. 500)

Link to the application form:

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