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Department of Business Administration Managerial Accounting

Teaching Accounting

Bachelor's and Master's degree studies

Abbreviation Title Type Chair ECTS Area FT



22AOEC02 Financial Accounting LE Oesch 6 Pflicht x  



22BO0037 Advanced Managerial Accounting LE Göx 6 BWL 1 x  
22BO0031 Introduction to Auditing LE Eberle 6 BWL 1, BF 1 x  
22BO0025 Financial Statement Analysis L Oesch 6 BWL 1, BF 1 x  
22BO0013 Financial Reporting LE Chen 3 Pflicht   x
22BO0015 Managerial Accounting LE Pfaff 3 Pflicht   x
22BO0074 IFRS – in-depth analysis of selected topics LE Eberle 3 BWL1   x
22BO0039 Financial statement analysis and international accounting SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1 x  
22BO0073 Audit Simulation SE Eberle 3 BWL 1, BF 1   x)1
22BO0092 Case Studies in Managerial Accounting SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1   x



22MO0230 Financial and Managerial Accounting Bootcamp for Master's Students L Chen, Petrov 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0079 Financial Instruments and Financial Institutions Accounting L Oesch 6 BWL 1 x)2  
22MO0004 ME4: Accounting and Economics LE Pfaff, Göx 3 BWL 1, Pflicht ME x  
22MO0124 Advanced Financial Accounting LE Chen 6 BWL 1, BF 3   x
22MO0150 Empirical Financial Accounting L Oesch 3 BWL 1, BF 3   x
22MO0172 Executive Compensation and Incentive Systems LE Göx 6 BWL 1   x
22MO0237 new Current Topics in ESG Reporting SE Göx 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0098 Fallstudienseminar zu Transfer Pricing SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0051 Seminar: Selected Cases in Auditing SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0195 Seminar zum Accounting: Controlling in Fallstudien SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0094 Theories of Accounting Disclosure SE Petrov 3 BWL 1 x  
22MO0213 Economics of Auditing SE Göx 3 BWL 1   x)3
22MO0154 General Management Business Simulation Game SE Pfaff 3 BWL 1   x
22MO0206 Managerial and Tax Aspects of Transfer Pricing SE Göx 3 BWL 1   x

)1 = not in ST 2024
)2 = not in FT 2024
)3 = new and onetime in ST 2024


Faculty and Lecturers