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Department of Business Administration Managerial Accounting

Theses (BA/MA)


  • Prerequisite for applying for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis at the Chair of Managerial Accounting is successful participation in the courses offered by the chair.
  • For Bachelor's thesis, the successful completion of the course «Advanced Managerial Accounting» is required.
  • For Masters's thesis, the successful completion of the course «Executive Compensation and Incentive Systems» is required. For papers on the topic of transfer pricing, successful attendance of the seminar «Managerial and Tax Aspects of Transfer Pricing» is expected.
  • Since a successful thesis requires good to very good knowledge, all applicants are generally expected to have successfully passed the relevant courses.

Application process

  • The following deadlines apply to applications:
    > Thesis starting in spring (approx. May-November, graduation in fall): March 1st
    > Thesis starting in spring (approx. July-January, graduation in fall): May 1st
    > Thesis starting in fall (approx. November-May, graduation in spring): September 1st
  • Applications are only accepted via the e-Form. Please also submit an overview of your previous academic achievements via the upload field at the end of this form.
  • You are expected to consider possible subject areas before applying and to make a corresponding proposal with your application.
  • Topics are assigned three times a year approx. 4 weeks after the application deadline (spring term: April 1st, spring term: June 1st, fall term: October 1st).
  • If your application is successful, you will usually be invited to a personal interview with the responsible assistant and/or the professor. The aim of the interview is to agree on a topic for which you will review the literature in order to prepare a 2-3 page proposal with a preliminary outline and details of the literature to be used.
  • After approval of the final proposal, you will sign a written supervision agreement with the chair.
  • The supervision agreement is based on the approved proposal and also regulates the type and scope of the work as well as the formal requirements and other framework conditions to be observed.
  • The chair will then determine your definitive topic within a short period of time, which you can pick up via OLAT.
  • The time for the literature research and the preparation of the proposal should be taken into account in your personal schedule. Accordingly, it is advisable to apply at least 1-2 semesters before the planned graduation date.

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