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Department of Business Administration International Management

Spring Courses


Topic Introduction to Strategic Management
Type Lecture with Integrated Exercises 
Lecturer Professor Thomas Keil
Time Wednesdays 14:15 - 16:00, Thursdays 10:15 - 12:00
Room see course catalogue (here)
Learning Objectives

After the course students should

  1. know the main concepts of strategic management in multinational enterprises,
  2. be able to apply the most common frameworks and tools of strategic management in multinational enterprises, and
  3. have a basic understanding of how to think and act strategically in international contexts
Table of Content The course introduces the concepts, tools, and principles of strategic management in today’s global business context. The course is emphasizing the distinctive perspective of the general manager that has to be attuned to forces in the organization’s environment and within the organization that shape firm performance. Topics discussed during the course include understanding the firm’s internal and external environment, competitive positioning, creating and maintaining competitive advantage, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation. In addition to the lectures, students will be able to practically apply theoretical frameworks learned in a business strategy simulation. 
Syllabus Here (PDF, 483 KB)
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Topic Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions (MOEC0471)
Type Lecture
Lecturer Prof. Thomas Keil
Time Wednesdays, 10:15-11:45
Room see course catalogue (here)
Learning Objectives

After the course, the participant should

  1. understand the role of mergers and acquisitions in firm’s strategy
  2. know the main concepts related to managing mergers and acquisitions
  3. be able to apply common frameworks and tools related to mergers and acquisitions

Firms engage yearly in thousands of mergers and acquisitions with a transaction volume that in 2015 for the first time exceeded 4 trillion US dollars. Acquisitions can add new competences, enable entry to a new market, and in some instances even restructure whole industries. This course provides an introduction to mergers and acquisitions from a strategic management perspective. Through lectures, case studies, and guest presentations, students will learn about topics such as motives for mergers and acquisitions, their performance implications, and key challenges in managing these transactions.

Syllabus Here (PDF, 281 KB)
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Doctoral Studies


Theoretical Foundations in Strategy and International Management (DOEC0503)

Type Seminar
Lecturer Prof. Thomas Keil

see course catalogue (here) - Please note that this course is not offered during the Spring 2023 semester.

Learning Objectives

After the course students should:

- know the most important theories in the area of strategic and international management,

- understand how the different streams of research have evolved over time and how they are connected to each other,

- be able to project the future development of the research in strategic and international management research from the perspective of one’s own doctoral work.

Content The course provides an overview of the fundamental theories and research themes in strategy and international management in a seminar format. Topics are covered by independent reading and discussion of landmark articles. The course consists of an extensive readings package (about 60 articles), 3 full seminar days (including student presentations on articles), a short learning diary and a short course paper. The course is open to students focusing on strategy and international management and students from other areas with a strategy angle in their work.
Syllabus - Please note that this course is not offered in Spring 2023.
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