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Department of Business Administration International Management

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) grants research funding to the Chair in International Management

The Chair in International Management has received a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) for the research project titled "How do resources and demand-side factors affect the resource value in new product development projects?".

In this project, Dr. Syrigos, Prof. Keil, and Asst. Prof. Kostopoulos (University of Piraeus) will investigate the interaction of complementary resources and demand-side factors on the resource value of new patented molecules in the context of pharmaceutical R&D processes. Specifically, the research team will investigate how the likelihood of further development of a patented molecule at different stages of the R&D process and ultimately its introduction and success in the market place depend on characteristics of the resource (e.g., internal versus external technology, novelty, involvement of star scientists), the presence of upstream and downstream complementary resources (e.g., technological and scientific strength, R&D capabilities, marketing and sales capabilities), and demand characteristics (e.g., market demand, level of competition, firm position in the market segment).