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Department of Business Administration International Management

Dr. Syrigos presents his work in MTEI research series at EPFL

We are happy to announce that our team member . Evangelos Syrigospresented in MTEI research series at EPFL his work titled "Managerial Evaluation of Resource Value – Standalone Value, Complementary Resources, and Market Structure" coauthored by Professor Thomas Keil (Chair in International Management) and Konstantinos Kostopoulos (University of East Anglia). 

Resource value is among the most debated concepts in the resource-based theory. In this presentation, we show the results of our reasearch that test recent arguments that resource value is a function of a resource’s ex ante standalone value, the presence of complementary resources, and demand-side factors using a dataset of all patents filed by the 33 largest pharmaceutical corporations in the US market during 1980-1985.