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Social Network Analysis and Sports

This course is organized by UZH Department of Business Administration in cooperation with ETHZ Department of Management, Technology, and Economics

The Center for Research in Sports Administration (CRSA) in cooperation with the ETHZ and USI regularly invites guest lecturers as part of the Swiss Doctoral Program for Research in Sports for Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Important - Application (Deadline October 6, 2019)

UZH Ph.D. students (advanced Master's students are also welcome to apply) have to fill in this Google Form to apply for the seminar. Please note that Ph.D. students will have priority.

Syllabus (PDF, 166 KB)

Dates & Times

Oct 28 - Nov 1, 2019

Morning sessions (10.15 - 12.00)

Afternoon sessions (14.00 - 15.45)

Rooms: see course catalog

Please make sure you have a working version of STATA ready on your computers.


About the course

Social network analyses investigate the relationships (arcs/edges) between individuals or organizations, such as friendship, advice, interaction or trust. In contrast to many other statistical approaches, one models the interdependencies between entities explicitly. Such a perspective allows the visualization and study of structural features of network structures such as centrality of network nodes. This module has two objectives. First, it gives a practical introduction to network analyses in Stata. It introduces the nwcommands – a suite of over 100 Stata commands for network analysis. The software includes programs for importing and exporting, loading and saving, handling, manipulating and replacing, generating, and visualizing and animating networks. It also includes commands for measuring the importance of network nodes, the detection of network patterns and features, the similarity of multiple networks, node attributes, and the advanced statistical analysis of networks. Second, this module applies these tools and gives an overview on recent research on sports networks. A special focus will be on network structure and the performance of teams.

About Thomas Grund (UC Dublin)

Currently, Thomas Grund is Associate Professor and Head of Teaching and Learning at the School of Sociology at University College Dublin, Ireland. and was Visiting Professor at the Institute of Sociology at University of Zurich, and Simon Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester. Before going to Ireland he was Assistant Professor and Deputy Director at the Institute for Analytical Sociology at Linköping University, Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute for Futures Studies and Stockholm University and post-doctoral fellow at ETH Zurich and  Université de Montréal.
He studied computer science and sociology at the University of Trier (Diplom), University of Cambridge (MPhil) and the University of Oxford (DPhil).

Thomas Grund is interested in (1) how social structures limit individuals’ view of the world; (2) how embeddedment in social context affects individuals’ behavior and relational choices; and (3) how combined relational patterns lead to broader macro-level outcomes (e.g. cooperation, crime, segregation). By addressing these issues in very different empirical settings, his work reaches across disciplinary boundaries and demonstrates the originality of the approach he proposes.  Lately, he has been developing a new software suite for doing network analysis using Stata.


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