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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Foundations of Business Administration and Theories of the Firm

Prof. Dr. Dennis Schoeneborn

Dennis Schoeneborn

Professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark
Email: ds.msc<at>

CV and publication list (PDF, 386 KB)

  • Organization theory
  • Organizational communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication
  • Computer-mediated communication
  • "Communication constitutes organizations" (CCO) perspective
  • Extreme forms of organizing

  • Dobusch, L. & Schoeneborn, D. (2015). Fluidity, identity, and organizationality: The communicative constitution of Anonymous. Forthcoming in Journal of Management Studies.
  • Vasquez, C., Schoeneborn, D., & Sergi, V. (2015). Summoning the spirits: Organizational texts and the (dis-)ordering properties of communication. Forthcoming in Human Relations.
  • Trittin, H. & Schoeneborn, D. (2015). Diversity management and communication reconstructed from a constitutive-polyphonic perspective. Forthcoming in Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Haack, P. & Schoeneborn, D. (2015). Exploring the institutionalization of corporate responsibility: A formal modeling approach. Forthcoming in Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Haack, P. & Schoeneborn, D. (2015). Is decoupling becoming decoupled from institutional theory? A commentary on Wijen. Academy of Management Review, 40(2), 307-310.
  • Kuhn, T. R. & Schoeneborn, D. (2015). The pedagogy of CCO. Management Communication Quarterly, 29(2), 295-301.

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