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Department of Business Administration

Student Advisory Services

Student Advisory Services

The student advisors of the Department of Business Administration at the University of Zurich offer counseling to the students of Business Administration and Management & Economics (both for major and minor programs). Further, the advisors help with general questions regarding our degree programs.


Fact sheets, framework ordinance, and program regulations of all bachelor and master programs – irrespective of major and minor – can be found here:

Regulations Business and Economics


Andrin Hediger
Business Administration - major

Andrin Hediger

Plattenstrasse 14
Room: PLR-G-107
8032 Zurich

Tel. +41 (0) 44 634 29 13
Business Administration - minor

Dr. Ruedi Ergenzinger

Plattenstrasse 14
Room: PLM-G-217
8032 Zürich

Tel. +41 (0) 44 634 39 24
Carlo Gomez


Management and Economics - major and minor

Dr. Carlos Gomez


Plattenstrasse 14
Room: PLM-G-205
8032 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0) 44 634 53 27