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Department of Business Administration


The Department of Business Administration offers degree programs on all levels of tertiary education. The following courses are offered in the current semester:


Module Acronym Category Faculty ECTS
A primer in Entrepreneurship (L) 03SM22BO0028 Course WWF 3
Accounting bootcamp for Master's students (L) 03SM22MO0093 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Adult skills: Empirical analyses using survey data (S) 03SM22MO0201 Seminar WWF 3
Advanced Managerial Accounting (VU) 03SM22BO0037 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Advanced Optimization Models for Decision Making (L+E) 03SMDOEC1112 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
An Introduction to Revenue Management and Pricing (S) 03SM22MO0099 Seminar WWF 6
Analytical Research in Accounting: The Economics of Disclosures and Communication in the Context of Trade under Asymmetric Information (S) 03SMDOEC1139 Seminar WWF 3
Applied Empirical Methods for Business Administration 03SM22MO0006 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Betriebswirtschaftslehre I (V + Ü) (Business Administration I) 03SM22AOEC01 Course, Exercise Group WWF 3
Betriebswirtschaftslehre III (V+Ü) (Business Administration III) 03SM22BO0001 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Bilanzanalyse und internationale Rechnungslegung (S) (Financial statement analysis and international accounting standards) 03SM22BO0039 Seminar WWF 3
Business & Society (L) 03SM22BO0029 Course WWF 6
Business Economics Research Seminar (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1107 Seminar WWF 3
Case Studies: Organisationsberatung (mit Kooperationspartnern aus der Praxis) (S) (Organizational Consulting) 03SM22MO0050 Seminar WWF 6
Change Management (L) 03SM22BO0032 Course WWF 3
Consumer Insights (VU) 03SM22MO0069 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Contemporary Readings on Behavior in Organizations (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1095 Seminar WWF 3
Corporate Entrepreneurship (S) 03SM22BO0021 Seminar WWF 3
Current Topics in Management and Business Ethics (S) HS23 03SMDOEC1099 Seminar WWF 3
Digital Marketing (L+E) 03SM22MO0090 Examination WWF 3