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Department of Business Administration

Program Content

At the master’s level, students of business administration will take a more in-depth look at the structures and processes of companies: How do you run a company and set a business strategy? How do you manage finances and carry out accounting? How do you motivate employees and create successful ways of promoting a company and its products? There is also a focus on the way in which companies interact with the market and regulatory practices.

You will have a great deal of personal freedom in designing your course of study and will have the opportunity to delve more deeply into individual areas of interest – such as accounting, auditing and governance, corporate finance and banking, organization and human resource management, marketing, business policy and governance, and management science – and to combine them however you wish.

In the master’s program in business administration, you will learn to apply your knowledge in a problem-solving manner to new and unfamiliar situations in the realm of business administration. You will also acquire the skills needed to make competent assessments based on limited access to information while demonstrating social and ethical responsibility.


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MA Business Administration

MA Business Administration