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Department of Business Administration


We rank among the leading business administration schools in the German-speaking world and aspire to become one of the leading ones in Europe. The Department of Business Administration performs basic and applied research and promotes innovative science relevant to the business world and reflecting ethics.

We achieve our ambitious goals by placing great value on orienting candidates toward research as part of our career policy. In addition, we strive to provide an excellent research environment for our aspiring scientists. To that end, we leverage the extensive assets of the University of Zurich, such as its mentoring program (research network for new scientists), the UZH Graduate Campus and much more, in addition to features internal to the Department of Business Administration, such as the guarantee of a challengingly structured doctoral program and financing for participation in conferences and research residencies. Our professors’ vast research networks and the excellent financial assistance options provided by the University of Zurich give young talents the chance to attain their research goals at an international level, for example through research residencies at internationally acclaimed universities around the world.

At the Department of Business Administration, Managing Diversity also means numerous opportunities to integrate the capabilities of an entire university and a multitude of business administration disciplines into research activities. We provide our scientists with endless possibilities to develop themselves as individuals in a creative and responsible environment. Their research results, in turn, benefit our economy, society, and politics.

Twenty-four professors are currently conducting research in five core fields - accounting and auditing, organizational and human resources, marketing, business policy and governance and management sciences - under the roof of the Department of Business Administration. The image shows how the Department of Business Administration has been integrated into the Department of Economics and the University of Zurich as a whole.

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