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Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre Foundations of Business Administration and Theories of the Firm

Associate Lecturers

Prof. Dr. William McKinley (2003-2010)
Since 2011 Prof. McKinley is a Professor for Management at the University of Zurich: Homepage
Prof. McKinley is also Henry J. Rehn Professor of Management at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Homepage
Email: decline<at>

Prof. Dr. iur. Karl-Albrecht Schachtschneider (2004-2006)
Institution: University of Erlangen-Nürnberg Email: -

Florian Überbacher

Prof. Dr. Florian Überbacher
Associate Professor, Montpellier Business School

Affiliated member and alumnus
Email: f.ueberbacher<at>

Prof. Dr. Christian Vögtlin
Professor of Business & Society, Head of Center for Corporate Responsibility, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Affiliated member and alumnus
Email: christian.voegtlin2<at>
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