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  • IE Workshop: “17th Annual Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics”, 9:30AM May 31 2024 (EN)

    Prof. Tarkan Tan

  • Change is not easy, but achievable

    Prof. Anja Schulze

  • Competitive Workplaces Don’t Work for Gender Equality

    Prof. Carmit Segal

  • CEOs’ Human Concern Translates into Higher Stock Price

    Prof. Lauren Howe / Prof. Jochen Menges

  • Competitive workplaces don’t work for gender equality

    Prof. Carmit Segal

  • Mission Emissions Impossible How the Transport Sector Can Achieve the Net Zero Emissions Goal by 2050

    Prof. Tarkan Tan

  • Engines and Mobility 303

  • More Women to Combat Skill Shortages