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Research Interests

  • Organizational change
  • Organizational restructuring and downsizing
  • Psychological contracts in organizations
  • Business ideologies
  • Organizational decline and innovation
  • The history, sociology, and philosophy of organization science

Recent Publications

Organizational Change

  • McKinley, W., and Lin, J. C. “Executive Perceptions: Probing the Institutionalization of Organizational Downsizing.” In C. L. Cooper, A. Pandey, and J. C. Quick (Eds.), Downsizing: Is Less Still More? Cambridge University Press, 2012 (forthcoming).
  • McKinley, W. "Organizational Contexts for Environmental Construction and Objectification Activity." Journal of Management Studies, 48(4), 2011: 804-828.
  • Zhao, J., Rust, K.G., McKinley, W., and Edwards, J. C. "Downsizing, Ideology and Contracts: A Chinese Perspective." Chinese Management Studies, 4(2), 2010: 119-140.
  • Wood, M., and McKinley, W. "The Production of Entrepreneurial Opportunity: A Constructivist Perspective." Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 4(1), 2010: 66-84.
  • Parker, T., and McKinley, W. "Layoff Agency: A Theoretical Framework." Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 15(1), 2008: 46-58.
  • Scherer, A. G., and McKinley, W. "The Affinity Between Free Trade Theory and Postmodernism: Implications for Multinational Enterprises." In T. S. Eberle, S. Hoidn, and K. Sikavica (Eds.), Fokus Organisation. UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 2007: 166-187.
  • Scherer, A. G., and McKinley, W. "Unholy Affinity? – Free Trade Theory, Postmodernism, and the Multinational Enterprise." In M. Oesterle (Ed.), Internationales Management im Umbruch. Deutscher Universitats-Verlag, 2007: 65-84.
  • Sronce, R., and McKinley, W. "Perceptions of Organizational Downsizing." Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 12(4), 2006: 89-108.
  • Rust, K.G., McKinley, W., Moon, G., and Edwards, J.C. "Ideological Foundations of Perceived Contract Breach Associated With Downsizing: An Empirical Investigation." Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 12(1), 2005: 37-52.
  • Rust, K.G., McKinley, W., and Edwards, J.C. “Perceived Breach of Contract for One’s Own Layoff vs. Someone Else’s Layoff: Personal Pink Slips Hurt More.” Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 11(3), 2005: 72-83.

Sociology, Philosophy, and History of Organization Science

  • McKinley, W., Wood, M., and Moon, G. "Low Heed in Organization Theory" M@n@gement, 14(3), 2011, 153-181.
  • McKinley, W. "Organizational Theory Development: Displacement of Ends?" Organization Studies, 31, 2010: 47-68.
  • McKinley, W. "Special Issues as Vertical Integration: A Rejoinder to Priem and Mowday." Journal of Management Inquiry, 16, 2007: 240-245.
  • McKinley, W. "The March of History: Juxtaposing Histories." Organization Studies, 28, 2007: 31-36.
  • McKinley, W. "Managing Knowledge in Organization Studies Through Instrumentation." Organization, 14, 2007: 123-146.
  • McKinley, W. "Construct Objectification and De-Objectification in Organization Theory." In S. Linstead and A. Linstead (Eds.), Thinking Organization. Routledge, 2005: 112-135.

Structural Contingency Theory

  • Elbannan, M., and McKinley, W. "A Theory of the Corporate Decision to Resist FASB Standards: An Organization Theory Perspective." Accounting, Organizations and Society, 31, 2006: 601-622.

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