Mirjam Haab

Mirjam Haab

Room number: PLM-F-107A


Professional Background

I have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Zurich. During my undergraduate studies, I was given the chance to spend one semester in Sydney, Australia, as an exchange student, which was a very enriching experience on a personal and academic level. As a next step, I am going to pursue a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance with a minor in Economic Policy.


Research Interests

Over the course of my studies, I found an interest in economic inequality, mostly income inequality, and the effects and consequences it has on society. An additional area that has aroused particular interest is Microfinance, which is one of the reason for changing to Banking and Finance for my Master’s degree.



Born and raised here, I call Zurich my home. To me, it is an extremely versatile city, where tradition and cosmopolitan vibes blend with cultural offerings, nature and nightlife. Whenever possible, however, I go abroad and travel to various places. At times, I was lucky enough to stay for a while and both Paris and Sydney have been my homes for short periods of time.