Leah Melles

Leah Melles

Room number: PLM-F107A


Professional Background
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in People-Oriented Computing at the University of Zurich. Throughout my studies, I gained work experience amongst others as a teaching assistant and during a six-month position at an insurance company. In addition, I studied one semester at the HEC in Lausanne. Currently I am pursuing my master’s in Economics with a minor in Data Science at the University of Zurich.

Research Interests
Throughout my studies I have developed an interest in different economic issues and topics such as Development Economics, Economic Policy and Behavioral Economics. In fact, in my bachelor’s thesis I investigated various motivations of corporations to act socially responsible. In addition, I am interested in the fast-changing world of technology and its societal and economic implications.

After having lived in the sunny state of California and in rainy England, I moved to a small village in the canton Solothurn where I grew up in. I have always considered Zurich a wonderful place to work, live and study in and I really enjoy the international atmosphere of the city. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and cultures. For instance, in my gap year I spent some time in Costa Rica where I worked with children in a public school. Furthermore, I enjoy exploring coffee houses, taking long walks in the beautiful nature and reading novels.