All bachelor and master courses our chair is offering in fall semester 2018 are listed below.
Note: the information given here has neither official nor legal character. If in doubt, please consult the course catalogue.


Title Instructor TA Level Type ECTS
Lineare Optimierung (Linear Programming) János Mayer   Bachelor Course 6
Applied Empirical Methods for Business Administration Karl Schmedders Jasmin Maag,
José Parra Moyano
Master Lecture with
Practical Exercises
Big Data and Business Analytics Harry Paarsch Vanessa Kummer Master Seminar 6
Computational Applications in Finance Malte Schumacher   Master Course 3
Portfolio Optimization Martin Densing   Master Course 3
Reinforcement Learning for Economists and Managers Robert Earle   Master Seminar 3
Advances in CEF (for more details click here)     PhD Seminar 3
Statistical Learning Christine De Mol Vanessa Kummer PhD Seminar 3



Master Thesis