Prof. Eyüp Çetin, PhD

Professor of Operations Research and Statistics   |


cetin Eyüp Çetin has been Professor of Operations Research and Statistics, promoted to full Professor in the Department of Quantitative Methods in School of Business at Istanbul University in 2013. He has also held some managerial positions. He is Former and Founding Dean of Faculty of Transportation and Logistics at Istanbul University. As Director of School of Transportation and Logistics, Istanbul University, he did lead and manage the process of transforming the School to -an internationally accredited- Faculty of Transportation and Logistics at Istanbul University in 2015 as the first and only logistics faculty in Turkey. He is also Former Vice Dean of School of Business at Istanbul University in which he has actively involved in receiving AACSB accreditation to be the first and only state university accredited by AACSB in Turkey.

He has taught courses in management science, statistics, mathematics, business analytics, game theory, stochastic models and health analytics to all levels of business students: undergraduates, MBAs and Ph.D. students. He has been a consultant for numerous companies, and he has taught statistical & decision modeling and business analytics in even global companies such as Vodafone.

He received a Ph.D. degree in Quantitative Methods from Istanbul University in 2004. He earned his MBA from European University of Lefke and his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Marmara University.

His current research focuses on mathematical & statistical modeling, business analytics, data science, stochastic models, mathematical medicine, biostatistics, health care management science, artificial intelligience and Internet of things.  Professor Cetin is founder and Editor-in-Chief of prestigious international academic journals such as European Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics, and Journal of Algebraic Statistics which is the first and only journal dedicated to algebraic statistics in the world.