Stephan Buetikofer, PhD

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buetikofer Stephan Bütikofer has been lecturer for Operations Management and Mathematics at the University of Applied Sciences Zurich since 2008. He is project manager research and development in industrial projects.

Stephan holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Basel and a PhD in Operations Research from the ETH Zurich.

His research focuses on:
- Optimization theory and methods, convex and variational analysis. In particular: Nonsmooth analysis and methods applied to optimization, variational and equilibrium problems (including local and global convergence analysis of Newton-type and penalty methods, computer implementation and testing of algorithms)
- Application and implementation of operations research methods in industrial projects. Including: Revenue management, production planning and control, inventory control, vehicle routing, workforce scheduling.

Curriculum Vitae
CV Stephan Bütikofer (PDF, 99 KB)