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Department of Business Administration Quantitative Business Administration

Blockchain Research Lab


The Blockchain Research Lab is an initiative of the Chair of Quantitative Business Administration of the University of Zurich that combines economic analysis, information systems research, and blockchain technology to promote the sustainable and collaborative adoption of blockchain technology in society.


Our Mission, Vision, and Objective:

Blockchain technology offers cooperation possibilities among competitors. This cooperation among competitors can reduce operational costs, help to multiply the value of data analysis, enable new products and services for consumers, and therefore foster economic growth, without eliminating the incentives to compete.

We envision an ecosystem of competitors that collaborate in certain aspects to innovate in ways that were impossible before the introduction of blockchain technology.

Our mission is to establish a neutral research environment together with business partners to explore these possibilities and set the foundation for new business ecosystems.

We achieve this by publishing papers on the topic of blockchain-based collaboration and by developing open information systems that can be adopted by companies in the near future.

Research Output of the Lab:

Date Title
2018 José Parra Moyano and Karl Schmedders. "Privacy is Back: A Blockchain-Based Ecosystem to Multiply the Value of Data". Working Paper
2018 José Parra Moyano, Gregor Reich and Karl Schmedders. "Mining Pool Optimization Strategies". Working Paper.
2018 José Parra Moyano, Omri Ross and Tryggvy Thorodsen. "Proof of Concept for an Optimized, Dynamic, KYC System". Working Paper
2018 Arthur Macherel, José Parra Moyano and Adrien Treccani. "A 9-Dymension Grid for the Evaluation of Central Bank Digital Currencies". Working Paper
2017 José Parra Moyano, Omri Ross. "KYC Optimization Using Distributed Ledger Technology", published in Journal of Information Systems and Engineering
2017 José Parra Moyano. "On the Continuity and Origin of Identity in Distributed Ledgers - Learning from Russel’s Paradox", published in The Journal of Metaphilosophy.

Research at all levels:

We welcome bachelor, master, doctoral, and post-doctoral researchers to collaborate with us in different formats and settings. Contact us.


José Parra Moyano
Head of the Blockchain Research Lab