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Department of Business Administration Quantitative Business Administration

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Welcome to the homepage of the Chair of Quantitative Business Administration (QBA). The chair is part of the core area of management science in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Zurich.

The research interests of the QBA team are the development and application of quantitative solution methods to problems in business, economics, and finance. Traditionally, these activities have focused on using methods from numerical mathematics and operations research to solving complex economic models. This work includes contributions to asset−pricing, climate change economics, portfolio optimization, and principal−agent theory.

More recently, the QBA team has been extending its research gamut to include work in data science. Team members have been working on statistical problems involving big data with applications in a variety of business areas.

The QBA team pursues a hands-on teaching approach. The chair’s main courses require students to implement quantitative solution methods and to answer relevant questions in business, economics, and finance. In addition, courses in data science require the analysis of realistic data sets.


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