The Brown Bag Seminar Series

The Brown Bag Lunches are a series of informal meetings where junior and senior scholars interested in organizational theories and phenomena meet over lunch to discuss a current project or paper. Typically, one scholar presents his or her project/ paper informally (without PPP!) and afterwards a lively discussion ensues, providing the scholar with a great opportunity to receive feedback from likeminded peers.

The sessions take place several times per semester at the Universitätsstrasse 84 (please see the upcoming dates below). Lunch is sponsored by the Chair of Organization and Management and the Chair of Foundations of Business Administration and Theories of the Firm. If you are interested in the Brown Bag Lunches and would like to get added to the mailing list, please email

Upcoming dates

to be announced

Past Brown Bag Lunches

  1. Thursday, November 11th 2010
    Dennis Schoeneborn
    "‘Over and out’: The farewell email as emergent genre of organizational communication"
  2. Thursday, December 9th 2010
    Katharina Dittrich
    “The Emergence of Routines”
  3. Thursday, January 20th 2011
    Christian Vögtlin
    “Responsible Leadership”
  4. Wednesday, February 16th 2011
    Joep Cornelisson “Metaphors”
  5. Wednesday, March 16th 2011
    Maximiliane Haut
    “Individuals, good institutions - bad incidents”
  6. Thursday, April 14th 2011
    Violetta Splitter
    “A Bourdieun perspective on the relation between management science and teaching”
  7. Thursday, June 9th 2011
    Emilio Marti:
    How to Analyze High Frequency Trading: Tracking Its Performance, Looking for Potential Rupture Points Or Uncovering Suppression? Three radically different analyses of high frequency trading and how to weigh them against each other with the Habermasian concept of cognitive interests
  8. Thursday, September 1st 2011 – Special R&R Session
    Dennis Schoeneborn
    “Hiding the elephant: PowerPoint and the (in-)visibilization of processuality and contingency in project organizations”
    R&R from Organization Studies
  9. Thursday, September 22nd 2011
    Anselm Schneider
    „Unbundling Corporate Sustainability Perception – A Configurational Approach”
  10. Thursday, October 20th 2011
    Roger Luethi
    "Not fit to print: what you will not find in the scientific record”
  11. Thursday, November 17th 2011
    Stéphane Guérard and Bozhena Dimitrova
    "Theorizing from a case study: Institutional change and the wonder drug for breast cancer"
  12. Thursday, December 8th 2011
    Katharina Dittrich
    “Talk in and about Routines: The impact of strategy talk on the emergence of routines"
  13. Thursday, January 26th 2012
    Hannah Trittin
    “Too white, too German, too male“ - Reconstructing diversity as polyphony"
  14. Thursday, March 22nd 2012
    Karen Ariane Schweg
    “The performance of strategy work in and across meetings: A dramaturgical approach”
  15. Thursday, April 19th 2012
    Florian Ueberbacher
    "How New Venture Legitimation Practices Evolve: The Relevance of Cultural Knowledge for Strategic Legitimation"
  16. Thursday, May 3rd 2012
    Stéphane Guérard and Christoph Bode
    "Framing Contests and Cumulation In Institutional Emergence: The Case Of The Diesel Particulate Filter In Germany"
  17. Thursday, May 31st 2012
    Christopher Wickert
    "Managing ʻPoliticalʼ Corporate Social Responsibility in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework"
  18. Thursday, October 11th 2012
    Shenghui Ma
    "Managing the CEO post-succession period: A longitudinal investigation"
  19. Thursday, January 24th 2013
    Dr. Zanelle Mngadi
    "The Effect of Social Policy Frameworks on the role of Social Service Professionals in South Africa"
  20. Thursday, March 21st 2013
    Christopher Wickert
    "Bringing Performativity Back In: Critical Management Studies and its Impact on Management Practice"
  21. Thursday, April 25th 2013
    Katharina Dittrich
    "Embedding Routines in Resources: How Context Influences the Persistence and Change of Routines"
  22. Thursday, June 27th 2013
    Emilio Marti
    "Exploited investors? A critical analysis of the public discourse around high frequency trading"
  23. Wednesday, July 17th 2013
    Stefan Schembera
    ""Implementing the UN Global Compact" - Discussing the reviewers' comments"
  24. Thursday, September 5th 2013
    Carola Wolf (Aston University)
    "The role of practical coping in bridging deliberate and emergent strategizing activities"
  25. Thursday, October 3rd 2013
    Moritz Schellenberger (University of Hamburg)
    "The Reintegration of Knowledge for Innovation: Introducing the Concept of Desorptive Capacity"
  26. Thursday, November 14th 2013
    Andreas Kalpakci (ETH)
    "The rapid rise and sudden fall of CIAM, an influential organization for Modern Architecture (1928-1959)"
  27. Thursday, December 5th 2013
    Elisabeth Does
    "How group dynamics moderate rationality: The emergence of risk cultures in financial institutions"
  28. Thursday, February 13th 2014
    Violetta Splitter
    "Teaching theoretical vs. practical knowledge to future managers - A practice-based approach to management education"
  29. Thursday, March 13th 2014 - Special R&R session
    Katharina Dittrich
    "The Role of Talk in Routine Change"
  30. Thursday, May 22nd 2014
    Hannah Trittin
    "Shitstorms and social media organizing"
  31. Thursday, November 13th 2014
    Alexander Richter
    "Multi-method analysis to capture organizations as unfolding and interlocking communicative entities through Enterprise Social Networks”"
  32. Thursday, December 11th 2015
    Emilio Marti & Falko Paetzold
    "How Financial Firms Frame Sustainable Investing"
  33. Thursday, March 19th, 2015
    Christian Vögtlin
    "The antecedents of corporate social leadership"
  34. Tuesday, May 19th, 2015
    Hannah Trittin
    "Organizing for CSR communication: Building resonance capacities and managing boundaries"
  35. Thursday, October 15th 2015
    Sónia C. Oliveira
    "The co-evolution of practices: from local business to global network"

    Pernille Schulze
    "Learning the practice of management – a practice–based perspective on the complexity of being manager in a Danish University Hospital"

  36. Monday, November 10th 2015
    Robin Schnider
    “Hush money: Accepting implicit bribery to turn a blind eye to social injustice”

  37. Thursday, March 3rd 2016

    Katrin Kolo
    « La Récréation de l‘Opéra »

  38. Wednesday, April 20th 2016

    Aslı Cillioglu Karademir
    “Political Behaviour and Mintzberg’s Political Games: the example of organized criminal institutions with an analysis of the film “Godfather”

  39. Thursday, October 20th 2016

    Ann-Kristin Zobel, ETH Zürich
    “Collaboration in innovation ecosystems—the influence of system bottlenecks on firms’ collaboration strategies in the solar PV industry”

  40. Wednesday, December 14th 2016

    Lea Stahel, Institute of Sociology, UZH
    “Angels and devils of digital social norm enforcement: What drives online commenters to negotiate factually or aggressively?”

  41. Wednesday, March 8th 2017

    Marcos Correra, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
    “Where do the dynamics of capabilities come from? The contributions of the perspective of dynamic routines”

  42. Thursday, April 6th 2017

    Gianluca Miscione, University College Dublin, Ireland
    “Coding Value: digital money and beyond. What, why, and how”

  43. Thursday, May 4th 2017

    Anna Schneider, Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, University of Innsbruck
    “Under Co-Construction: Individual and organizational identities in women’s narrative identity work”

  44. Wednesday, February 21st 2018

    Christian Mahringer & Prof. Birgit Renzl, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    “Multiple Interdependencies in Routine Networks – An Ethnographic Study of Agile Scrum Teams”

  45. Thursday, March 8th 2018

    Burcu Kucukkeles and Dr. Shiko Ben-Menahem, ETH Zurich
    “Field Level Origins of Resourcing Practices”

  46. Thursday, May 31st 2018

    Martha Eugenia Reyes Sarmiento, Universidad EAFIT (Medellín-Colombia), Columbia
    “A strategy-as-practice perspective on Trust-in-Action”