Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Measuring indicators of economic activity in the Cryptocurrency and Token Transaction Networks.

Several cryptocurrencies (among which Bitcoin is the most apparent example) have been widely adopted in the past years. These systems show in interesting dichotomy: while they are intended to be decentralised, they are designed following rigid technocratic approaches. Interestingly, they constitute closed economies where individual transactions can be traced with large levels detail: While anonymity is preserved by different means, all economic activity by the users is recorded in public ledgers. In this proposed work, the student will study indicators of endogenous economic activity (signalled by both: the economic transactions between users, and capital accumulation) and compare it across digital currencies or tokens. This family of topics are suited for students with a strong interest in data science and/or economics.

Start of the thesis: anytime; required knowledge in R or Python: BA: basic, MA: upper-intermediate; type of work: BA: theoretical, MA: theoretical and empirical.



Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrencies Using Functional Data Analysis

How does a technical glitch or the introduction of a new policy impact the volume of transactions as well as the price of cryptocurrencies? Is there an acceleration of the trading after such an exogenous shock? Can we observe different clusters of cryptocurrencies in terms of trade volume or price? 

If these questions can be answered with usual time series techniques, this thesis should 

apply Functional Data Analysis (FDA) and Functional Principal Components Analysis (FPCA) to answer them. Functional data analysis is increasingly being used to better analyse, model and predict time series data. Key aspects of FDA include the choice of smoothing technique, data reduction, adjustment for clustering, functional linear modelling and forecasting methods. 


Start of the thesis: anytime; Required knowledge in R or Python: MA: upper-intermediate; type of work: empirical.

Modelling consensus protocols in blockchain-based systems

Intra- and Inter-organisational network analysis