Sheng-Nan Li




Sheng-Nan Li received her bachelor degree in Financial Engineering and master degree in Systems Analysis and Integration. Currently, she mainly focuses on blockchain-based system, including identification of the selfish mining behavior, economic analysis of cryptocurrency, and structural analysis of the bitcoin network.

Research Interests

  • Analysis of blockchain-based systems
  • User behaivor analysis
  • Network science


S.-N. Li, Z. Yang, C.J. Tessone: “Mining blocks in a row: An statistical study of fairness in Bitcoin mining”. IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (2020)download (PDF, 966 KB)
S.-N. Li, Z. Yang, C.J. Tessone: “Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency mining: a statistical approach to fairness”. IEEE ICCC (2020)download (PDF, 1 MB)

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