Sebastián Gonçalves



Full Professor at the Instituto de Física of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

PhD in physics from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Research Interests

My broad area of research is Socio-Physics, that is the use and application of models and tools of mechanical statistics to help understand the behavior of complex systems made of people. Phase transitions, dynamical systems, agent-based models, and network theory are some of the concepts/tools I used in working in Socio-Physics.
Specific topics I work or have worked in are: spread of epidemics, opinion or innovation dynamics, econophysics, network robustness and dynamics, and criminal networks.



Wealth distribution models with regulations: Dynamics and equilibria BHF, Cardoso, S Gonçalves, JR Iglesias, Physica A, 124201 (2020)

Irrational behavior in the adoption of innovations, MF Laguna, JR Iglesias, S Gonçalves, Physica A 535, 122388 (2019)

Dynamic modular networks model mediated by confinement EM Schneider, S Gonçalves, JR Iglesias, BR da Cunha, Applied Network Science 4 (1), 30 (2019)

Topology, robustness, and structural controllability of the Brazilian Federal Police criminal intelligence network, BR da Cunha, S Gonçalves, Applied network science 3 (1), 1-20 (2018)