Hui Liu



Hui Liu is a PhD candidate in Northwestern Polytechnical University. She received her bachelor in managementin in 2012 and master degree in engineering in 2015. And she currently is a PhD visiting student in the research team at University of Zurich. Her research is mainly focus on risk propagation in R&D network and risk management.

Research interests:

  • Risk management
  • Robustness of R&D network
  • R&D network formation processes


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H. Liu, N. D. Yang, Y. L. Zhang, and R. M. Li: “Research on the evolution mechanism of R&D network”, Operations research and management Science, pp. 3-12, vol. 38, 9 (2017).


“Using DEMATEL to analyze interrelationships of risks faced by enterprise in R&D network”, The 24th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Nomi, Japan, August. 2017.