Dr. Flavio Iannelli

Dr. Flavio Iannelli


My main research interests gravitate around complexity science and how the underlying interactions shape the emerging behavior observed in socio-technical systems. 


Research interests

  • Diffusion and spreading in heterogeneous settings
  • Collective behavior in social and biological systems
  • Dynamics of and on networks
  • Social influence



F. Iannelli, Y. Mamasakhlisov and R. Netz, "Cold denaturation of RNA secondary structures with loop entropy and quenched disorder", under review (2018) arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.02633

J. Bindi, D. Colombi, F. Iannelli, N. Politi, M. Sugarelli, R. Tavarone and E. Ubaldi, "Political discussion and leanings on twitter: the 2016 Italian constitutional referendum",  under review (2018) arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.07388

 F. Iannelli, M. S. Mariani, I. Sokolov, Influencers identification in complex networks through reaction-diffusion dynamics, Physical Review E 98, 062302 (2018). download (PDF, 1431 KB)


F. Iannelli, A. Koher, D. Brockmann, P. Hoevel and I. M. Sokolov, "Effective distances for epidemics spreading on complex networks",  Physical Review E 95, 012313 (2017)

G. Hayrapetyan, F. Iannelli, J. Lekscha, V. Morozov, R. Netz, and Y. Mamasakhlisov, "Reentrant melting of rna with quenched sequence randomness", Physical Review Letters 113, 068101 (2014)



"Leveraging random-walk hitting times for influential spreaders identification" - CCS2018, Thessaloniki (GR) (2018)

"Network centrality based on reaction-diffusion dynamics reveals influential spreaders" - CompleNet18, Boston, MA (US) (2018)

"Containment of epidemic spreading in Brazil using the ViralRank centrality" - Workshop on Applied Computation, Sao Jose' dos Campos (BR) (2017)

"Effective distances on complex networks" - NetSciX17, Tel Aviv (IL) (2017)

"Cold melting phase transition in RNA with quenched disorder" - Seminar on Irreversible Processes and Self-Organization, Berlin (DE) (2016)