Seminar: Human Resource Management of Nonprofit Organizations, Public Organizations, and Sports

Course Description

This course will address different HRM topics related to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on nonprofit and public organizations and sports. Examples are the effects of an increase in virtual teamwork (home office) and flexible work arrangements; the effects of a lack of peer effects resulting from home schooling and virtual education instead of on-site education; the effects of medical leadership and expertise in a (health) crisis; the effects of a lack of fan attendance on athletes performance and match outcomes; or the effects of labor market shocks (e.g., job loss/loss of income) on donations to and volunteering in non-profit organizations.


As part of the course, students will come up with their own research question within an assigned topic area, and will write a seminar paper (15 pages, 70% of the grade) answering this research question based on available literature. Students will present their findings twice in front of all other participants: once at an interim stage (presentation is not graded) and once at the end (20% of grade). Contribution to the discussion of fellow students’ presentation will be part of the course grade (10%).

Time Schedule


23.02.2021: 16:00-18:00

02.03.2021: one slot between 14:00 and 18:00

16.03.2021: 16:00-20:30

13.04.2021: deadline seminar paper

04.05.2021: one slot between 14:00 and 18:00

18.05.2021: 16:00-20:00

19.05.2021: 16:00-20:00


The seminar is limited to a maximum of 12 participants You will first need to apply to the seminar at the chair via sending an e-mail ( until the 7th of February 2021. The first 12 applicants will get a seminar slot. Once you have a seminar slot, you will need to book the module (Modulbuchung) as usual. The topics will be assigned in the introductory session. All course dates are mandatory.