First Humor Project Presentation at International Leadership Conference

In early May, an intimate, interdisciplinary group of 80 or so top leadership scholars gathered for the 3rd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium(IPLS) on "What Leaders Actually Do" in Crete, Greece. Jamie Gloor presented the conceptual approach for our first paper from our humor project on potential leaders' humor use.

Publication: Journal of Business Ethics

We are excited to announce a new publication from our team on gender and leadership in Journal of Business Ethics:

Gender biases in leadership persist, even despite equal performance. However, trainings and interventions with female leaders often breed more backlash. So rather than interfering with leaders themselves, Gloor (post-doc at our chair), Morf (UZH graduate), Paustian-Underdahl (Florida State University Professor), and Backes-Gellner (UZH Professor) and colleagues proposed that these biases might be overcome at the team-level. They intervened in actual teams and causally tested this claim with two randomised experiments. Findings indicate that teams rated male leaders as more prototypical and trustworthy in male majority teams (~20% women)–despite equal selection criteria and leadership training. Yet, these male advantages were eliminated in more gender-balanced teams (~40% women). Thus, beyond moral arguments of fairness, these findings also show how, in the case of gender, team diversity can also create a more level playing field for leaders. 

Harvard University also featured an earlier version of this research via their portal of rigorous evidence to improve social and economic inequality (here).

Gloor, J. L., Morf, M. C., Paustian-Underdahl, S., & Backes-Gellner, U. (in press). Fix the game, not the dame: Restoring equity in leadership evaluations. Journal of Business Ethics. (here)


Publication: Schmalenbach Business Review

The paper "The opportunity costs of becoming a dean: Does leadership in academia crowd out research?" written by Uschi Backes-Gellner, Agnes Bäker and Kerstin Pull was accepted for publication in Schmalenbach Business Review.


SNF Funding

Prof. Agnes Bäker and Dr. Jamie Gloor have been granted 296'980 CHF by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a project on „Interpersonal Humor for (Female) Retention and Success in Science“.


Publication: Harvard Business Review

The short article "Why The Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors" written by James Stoller, Amanda Goodall and Agnes Bäker was published online in Harvard Business Review. It received media uptake by Forbes (PDF, 121 KB), the Becker's Hospital Review, the US Advisory Board and the Swiss Medinside platform. Prof. Bäker gave a talk on this project at the Swiss Medical Association in May 2017.